Unfurling My Flag

Blogging…finally a chance to air my opinions, dreams, hopes to all the faithful readers I could, or should, hope for.  Me?  I can’t possibly fill in “about yourself” because I truly have no idea.  I know what I believe and I know why.  My opinions and ideals are solid – my personality is multiple.  Intellectualy I tell myself I am unmatched.  Emotionally…train wreck. 

FlagsUnfurled?  In “The Family Stone,” a character reminds the lead that she has a “freak flag,” she just doesn’t fly it.  I have that affliction.  Despite my loafers, sweaters, turtlenecks, and overall unapproachable “look,” anyone who is missing a toe, has killed his sister, or who thinks cocaine is a reasonable trade for my body is drawn to me like Tom Cruise to eewww.  I have a big giant freak flag.


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