My boss waylaid me today.  We were driving back from a meeting when she commented on how everyone stopped to look at the woman we were with.  She was wearing a burka.  Ms. Pitt said that she, being Hispanic, hates that.  I never really thought that Ms. Pitt was Hispanic.  She is exactly like me with really great, shiny black hair.  Sometimes, though, perhaps because she is so assimilated to her Yuppie life, friends make racial slurs right in front of her.  She said that everytime it happens she is speechless.  I really don’t care to write about this at all because I feel like everytime we bring up skin color, we contribute to the problem.  Sometimes, though, there is no choice. 

These racial slurs she spoke of are the direct result of people who are angry.  I wish there could be a discussion about illegal immigration without it becoming a racial discussion.  It is, after all, a criminal issue, not a racial one.  Illegal immigrants enter the country under a banner of disrespect.  They have no respect for our culture or our laws.  I have no less disdain for a conman than an illegal immigrant, no question about skin color.  The problem is that until the government steps up to uphold the law, racial tensions will be on the rise.  Nobody should endure name-calling and second-rate treatment based solely on skin color and that is exactly what is happening, even at the hands of people who would not normally behave in such a way.  

On a personal level, every American citizen needs to have the luxury of trusting our government to uphold our laws.  That offers us the opportunity to be human beings and treat each other humanly.  We should be able to reach out to each other without a thought to the legality of one’s citizenship or his propensity to be law-abiding.  Our job is to care for each other, to rise above the sludge.  The government should be counted on to behave impersonally, doing the “dirty work.” 

Awkward post.  Awkward topic.  Awkward drive with Ms. Pitt.  But the point I need to make is that we need some sensitivity.  The government needs some backbone.  I really would like to see the government take control of the situation before things get worse and we are looking for another Martin Luther King to save us from another Civil War.  I don’t know if that’s going to happen.  In fact, thanks to some pretty fascinating research, I am certain it never will happen.  One thing I do know, though, is that the situation will not improve based on the citizenry’s cruel remarks.  That is not fixing anything.


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