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Be a Woman…or a Mother…Best be Both

The gloves are OFF.  Well, one is.  This is still a much more polite fight than it needs to be.  However, there is one argument that I have heard – ad nauseum – and ironically it has come mostly from self-proclaimed feminists.  They cannot stand the fact that Palin might fall into a demanding job when she has KIDS who will suffer, for goodness sake.  They say she should be home with her kids. 

They have no right.

Most of us have to work.  We have to be away from our children each day, it’s a fact of life.  That work should be rewarding.  It’s a shame to put a high priority on something that doesn’t matter.  If she has to be at work, let her do this job.  She has a unique opportunity to help preserve the way of life that we Americans enjoy.  She may even have a chance to improve it.  As a mother, she would be shirking her duties if she did not take this job.  Her kids will be cared for; her husband has planned a leave of absence from his job, not to mention the nanny and the Secret Service and the kitchen staff.  Those children will enjoy opportunities we would sacrifice everything to provide for our children.  If I had an opportunity to sacrifice four years of quality time in the name of a brighter future for my children, I would jump on it.  Women have been taken from the home for less.  Historically, every time our country is struggling, the women have sacrificed greatly.  They have taken jobs, eaten less, worked late, learned skills, and sent the men they loved away to certain death.  History is asking no less of Sara Palin (o-kay, her husband gets to stay stateside). 

As I said, this argument is coming mostly from the mouths of feminists.  I know this, because they usually call her a hypocrite for having a career and being pro-life.  That is the mark of a feminist.  They are effectively saying that once a woman becomes a mother, she has no role outside her home.  She has no skills to offer but diapering and kissing skinned knees.  She has no voice.  What a message to send our daughters!  I want my daughters to understand that becoming a mother is the gateway to a life beyond their wildest dreams.  They will be mothers first, yes, but they are brilliant girls with everything to offer and mothering teaches.  Mothering offers wisdom.  A mother still gets to be a woman.  For brilliant girls to grow up and become mothers, but not women, is a disservice.

Mothering should be a blessing.  It is a blessing.  It should enrich our lives, but it should never take our lives.  We women are the soul of this nation and it is true, there is nothing we cannot do.  Whether it is staying home to kiss scrapes, diaper, and read fairy tales (a life I covet, by the way), or having a career and stealing precious moments to watch our children grow, we should be able to do this without the guilt.  I know stay at home moms have guilt for not contributing to the household income.  They feel like working moms look down on them for “just being a mom.”  Working moms are riddled with guilt every morning when they drive away from their beloved.   They feel like their priorities are dubious.  The reality is, though, every mother is doing the best she can in different circumstances.  Remember, there was a time that staying home was necessary but it didn’t involve quality time and Gymboree dates.  There was always work to be done around the home and not enough time.  Now, stay at home moms are super women who raise fantastic kids and provide great service to our society through the children they raise and the tireless hours of volunteering.  Now is a different time.  Staying home is a luxury that comes with great sacrifice.  Life is not always stable.  Our economy has grown to two-income proportions. 

This is a new age.  There are new rules.  Being all that we can be will never make us less.  There is not even room for such implication.


Do You Love It?

I have been considering why this election means so much.  I watch the debates with my stomach in knots, just wanting to jump in and help as though McCain is my child competing.  Soccer moms surely recognize this feeling.  My goal is to send out something documented, factual, and honest (read indisputable) every day.  There is a lot of information; I will not be short on material, but right now this is emotional and I can’t focus on that. 

My country is in danger.  There is no question about it, regardless of party.  The fix is in the fight.  Right now, we have to fight against greed.  We have to fight against terror.  We have to fight against apathy.  We have to fight against a media that is working for ratings, not for public protection.  It’s exhausting to carry this, especially when I feel powerless to fix it.  

Consider the Obama presidency.  I have been reading about post-Revolutionary Russia, Lenin in charge.  Now, I am not an alarmist expecting us to descent into abject and wide-spread poverty and starvation, BUT the similarities are impossible to ignore.  The United States is ripe for change, change is necessary right now.  We are on the brink of class warfare, racial warfare, and, if Iran has its way, nuclear warfare.  We know nothing for certain except that any day we could wake to a completely different life.  People are afraid…People are angry.  The right leader is crucial at a time like this, the wrong leader could be revolutionary.  
Here’s the crux:  Obama has worked very subtly to ensure that anyone who speaks out against him is deemed racist.  He is igniting racial tension.  He is running on a platform that is devisive by definition as he extols unity.  Obama’s foreign policy undermines US sovereignty at every turn.  That is where the problem comes in.  There is a possibility that Obama is on to something in the interest of world peace.  It’s difficult to know, but what if we did consider the UN’s input on our economic policy?  What if we refused to protect our interests without international approval?  What if we began to negotiate with the rogue nations and a little bit of our out-dated values erodes?  Would it be so terrible to compromise a little bit in the name of world peace?  It’s time to really consider this.  We have no choice.
Compromising, regardless of the motivation, is a detriment to our great nation.  It may be fine for a while and people will laugh that I ever considered this, but later there will be mourning for all that was lost.  This is all we will mourn:
Forums like this, speaking out against proposed change. We will still have free speech in the Constitution, but this speaks to religion, which will be restricted
Economic freedom 
Competition – eroding quality in education, healthcare, and roads
Variety in production
Religious freedom – we will loose the freedom to worship as religion and world peace are completely incompatible
Private ownership of companies and real estate
Our government will become so large and cumbersome, any freedoms not inherently restricted will still be challenging as there will be no flexibility.  Further, poverty will be a major problem as taxation skyrockets.  Because of this taxation, the well-being of the State will be a higher priority than that of the individual.
This nation grew by the grace of God.  The United States of America is a gift God gave to the world, specifically to Israel, to ensure goodness prevails.  This was not a gift of compromise; we are to liberate the compromised throughout history.  Right now, we are hovering on the verge of being the compromised.  If we do not save ourselves, there is no one to come to the rescue of the American people.  We owe is to ourselves.  We owe it to the world.  We owe it to God.  We have got to elect a leader who strives for the individual.  He must love this country.  A willingness to compromise everything this country has built, to ignore the warnings and recede into history with the rest of the world, is not love of country.  It isn’t even an appreciation for all we have.  As difficult as times have become, we still have a life to be greatful here.  Simply look down the street – it is clean.  There is clea r, fresh air to breathe.  We have tap water on demand that is reliably potable.  New cars are abundant and plentiful.  Homes are plenty large.  Our children are educated.  Yes, we have to work for all of these, but true dignity comes from earning one’s way.  The more socialized a society becomes, the more disincentivized is work, again causing social decline.
It’s worth the fight and the knotted stomachs.  We have got to vote against Obama for president.  This man is dangerous.  He has been lying to the American public and we are so complacent nobody minds.  Lying is expected.  The man consorts consistently with individuals and organizations that are anti-American.  Even in the face of economic failure, he offers a plan that will cause further decline in our financial system.  He has no quarrel with the death of an infant at the hands of a doctor.  Regardless, his intent does not seem to be malicious.  His intent is not the problem.  The problem is that he does not LOVE this nation.  Therefore, his priorities will never be our well-being.  

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