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Created in Love

I drove for several hours today, which is inspiration in and of itself.  Gas prices are keeping traffic to a minimum, so I can actually let my car open up and devour our beautiful mountains dotted line by dotted line.  It’s like Pac Man on PCP. 

So not my point.

It is impossible to drive through the mountains at sunset with a full moon rising and not consider the Lord.  For years I have felt and understood His love, but I have to be honest.  I have doubted.  I doubt, but that is when I grow.  Frankly, the overwhelming love of an intangible creator is incomprehensible to me.  I have felt it, and I believe that is when faith becomes real.  It is not possible to explain the peace that comes from God’s love to someone who doesn’t believe in this love.  But to someone else who has felt it, no explanation is necessary.  It is unmistakable.  So it is realistic to consider a loving God.  A loving Creator.  If God is our Creator, and I believe that many religions, particularly the Islamic faith, believes this without a doubt, then He must be a loving, benevolent God.  How can violence be committed in His name?  A Creator bears love for His children, mirrored in a parent’s feelings for theirs.  Is that a gift He gave to us so we can begin to understand?  This loving Creator would not lightly or thoughtlessly sentence His creation to eternal death.  The basic precept of radical Islam is just that, convert or die.  If a non-believer dies, he is forever separated from God with no opportunity for reconciliation.  That is where it ends.  The decision must be made here on this Earth.  The Creator I know will move mountains to bring me to Him if He knows there is a chance I will come.  If I will come, He will not let me die without making that decision. This Creator would not establish a covenant under which I have one chance or certain death.  He is a God of second chances.  When you know Him, you know.  The God of Islam?  Not the same.  Not a god who loves his children.  He keeps them wondering, keeps them guessing, keeps them trying to gain approval up to the very end. 

Creation itself, those beautiful mountains and that amazing moon, even the joy I get from driving through those mountains, is proof that God loves us.  He will not forsake us if we will just have Him.

If you want to experience this love, this peace of a loving Creator, pray.  Pray to God and admit that yes, you have sinned and you just may do it again, but you would love to come to Him for the forgiveness only He can offer through His son Jesus Christ.  That gets you a ticket, but then take the time to learn.  To apply this to your life and learn about this amazing love.  You will never be the same.

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