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Relative Evil

Here we are on the verge of history.  Actually, we are knee-deep in history.  This year, we have seen a woman and a black man fight bitterly over the presidency, then unite in an unprecedented subversion of the electoral process.  I find it discouraging that Hillary Clinton is not the nominee.  I am not a fan of hers, but her competence, professionalism, shrewdness, and commitment are unmatched.  As president, I don’t believe she would disappoint.  She is the most formidable candidate I have seen in years.  And yet…It’s exciting to see a minority running for this esteemed office, but I cannot believe in his leadership. 

His running mate, though, Joe Biden, is an interesting study.  He has shown perserverence, faith, grace, and strength – the qualities that make Americans so great.  He has a genuine affection for people that cannot be discredited, BUT, he is an ultra-liberal.  So many liberals are disingenuous and I don’t believe that he is.  He has lived it…he is the real deal.  Liberals have a lovely viewpoint.  I admire their forgiving spirits, their largesse.  The problem with a liberal in a high-ranking office, then, is this:  They emerge from an ideal of moral relativism.  Their ideology comes from a place where there is no wrong and right, just my way and yours.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where there is true evil.  Evil that I don’t believe we Americans fully comprehend.  Except for a few isolated incidents, we have been sheltered by miles of ocean from evil despots, dictators, and czars.  We do not fully grasp the intent or the ability of such rulers and we need a leader who is considerate of this.  Considerate of the evil that lurks in the shadows, purchasing black-market bombs, packing shrapnel into a pipe bomb before he takes it to a mall, and turning orphanges into weapons factories. 

We Americans are so blessed, we can luxuriate in the idea that everyone is reasonable.  The fact is, some people live in desperation.  They do unspeakable things that we say are unrealistic, but how many of us have been desperate?  How many of us have made a choice to sell one child into slavery so the others may eat?  Evil erodes morality; it changes our vision.  And evil’s greatest threat comes from our inability – or unwillingness – to believe in it.


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