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crossesIt is Easter. This is the day that our Lord and Savior rose from the dead, as prophesied. He died so that we could live, for the wages of sin are death. This was always a stumbling block for me. I wondered why an all-powerful God couldn’t just change that part of it and make it easier on all of us. But I’m older now and I am seeing my peers (and myself) suffer the consequences of all of this destructive behavior. To live in sin is fatal. This is not ordained by a vengeful God, it is a warning that we cannot sustain the consequence of sinful behavior. To accept Christ into our lives does not make us perfect, but it is an acknowledgement that we cannot continue the way we are going. It means that we will try to change, rather than live in a pattern of sin and destruction.

The willingness to turn from our old lives is the key. This is exactly why we, ourselves, out of free will need to make the decision to follow Christ. It takes a decision. It takes a prayer. It will take you in a new direction.


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