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Sincere Oppression

Hhmmm…It needs to be said.  Barack Obama has proven inspiring to people throughout the world, there is no denying this.  His acceptance speech was filled with Socialist ideals, which are pleasant to hear, so there is no surprise there.  I believe that most campaign and acceptance speeches come across that way, the candidate must promise something in return for votes.  Easy concept.  But Mr. Obama may be the most sincere politician I have witnessed in my lifetime.  I cannot take that from him – I believe that he means most of what he says.  I also think that he believes in himself.  He believes that he alone has the power and ideals to save this nation (from what?).  That worries me.  That is a feeling shared by Lenin, Hitler, keep going….mostly through Eastern Europe and Russia.  Any leader who believes that he alone holds the key merits caution. 

Throughout his speech on Thursday night, he mentioned that we are our brother’s and sister’s keepers to thunderous applause.  Of course, the spirit was that we should care for those around us.  I agree.  However, this is a Biblical reference he chose – not by accident.  He used Biblical references throughout his speech no doubt to prove the authenticity of his faith.  Can’t fault that.  But this particular reference that he used repeatedly is found in Genesis 4.  Cain says to God, very sarcastically (could this be the first use of sarcasm?), “I don’t know.  [where my brother is – the one I just killed]  Am I my brother’s keeper?”  Genesis 4:9.  I am certain that no sarcasm was intended by Barack Obama, but we should consider the implications of being charged with the well-being of another by our government.  In fact, let me say it again, in bold, on it’s own…


This is what this man running for President expects of us.  More importantly, it is what he expects of himself, as leader.  Do not forget, when Cain uttered these words, he had just killed his brother.  Murder is by far the greatest form of oppression, but oppression none the less. 

A very wise Katrina survivor was on the radio yesterday morning.  Until the hurricane, she had been a meth dealer; that was how she supported herself and her “family.”  When asked if she went back to dealing when she made her way back to New Orleans, she said, “No.  Once I got out of that life, I saw that I was keeping people down – you know the junkies.  I kept them there.  I didn’t want that anymore.”  It is powerful to be able to see how your own intentions whether good or bad affect those around you.  Socialism, while sounding nice, is an oppressive ideal.  It disincentivizes work, which Obama himself says breeds dignity, and it keeps people in their place of apathy.  This is not the life that our founding fathers sacrificed for.


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